HSC Online IT Exam Details

Test Date : 01-02-20 Test ID : 76637097
Name : dongare bharti balasaheb College : akcs
Section : Science
Objective Question Score [60] :32
Short Q. Answers Score [10] :1
Programs Score [10] :0

Short Q. Answers Marks Obtained: 1

Q1. Define the term Cyber Law. Why the need of Cyber law arises? Or What is Cyber Law

Q2. What is E-Market.
E-market is process there was customer marketing through the internet. It has 4 types 1:B2B ,2:B2C,3:C2C, 4:C2B 1)B2B:Business to Business In this process company sale product wholesaler, wholesaler sale product to retailer, retailer sale product to customer. 2)B2C: Business to Consumer 3) C2C:Consumer to consumer 4) C2B:Consumer to business

Q3. Explain the term record and field

Programs Marks Obtained: 0

Q1. Write html code to display a text XII Online Exams having font size 36, text color red and underline text effect using CSS.

Q2. Write JavaScript code to print all even numbers from 10 to 50.
<html><head><title>print even no.</title>scripting language=<"javascript">var=ii=(i>10,i<50,i==0)