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HSC - March 20 Exam

Std. XII - Science

Subject: Information Technology

Max. Marks: 80

Paper ID: B35

Seat No. : __________

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Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. _________________ property is used to change the background color of webpage through style sheet. Answer-: background-color
2. ____________________ attribute sets the value to the URL of the document to be loaded into the frame. Answer-: src
3. ________________ attribute controls the horizontal and vertical scrollbars of the frame. Answer-: scrolling
4. Freely downloadable software with unlimited usage is called _________ Answer-: Freeware
5. Intentionally trying to log to others computers or accessing of data without having permission is called ___________ Answer-: unauthorized access
6. The __________ model facilitates the online transactions of goods & services between two people. Answer-: Consumer to Consumer or C2C
7. ______________ event occurs when the user moves the pointer off a link or clickable area. Answer-: OnMouseout()
8. The __________ object is a top level client side object for each window of frame. Answer-: window
9. FCL stands for __________ Answer-: Framework Class Library
10. Any collection of related information grouped together as a single item is a ____________ Answer-: database

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. A text field is most common field on a form. Answer-: TRUE
2. Trying to logo on to others computer system is authorized access. Answer-: FALSE
3. Addressee means a person who is intended by the originator to receive the electronic record but does not include any intermediary. Answer-: TRUE
4. Online auction is common example of C2C model. Answer-: TRUE
5. Firewall is the most commonly accepted network protection. Answer-: TRUE
6. Functions are written to increase modularity. Answer-: TRUE
7. The HttpState Object is a container class for all the objects. Answer-: FALSE
8. The HTTP_METHOD argument of ServerVariables collection returns the method used to make the request. Answer-: TRUE
9. DDL stands for Data Definition Language. Answer-: TRUE
10. DDL consist of set of commands to manipulate values, which are present in the table. Answer-: FALSE

Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. rmf stands for ______________ Answer-: b
a) rich music fileSpaceb) rich music format
c) real music formatSpaced) real music format

2. __________ specifies the amount of white spacce to be left along the left sides of the frame. Answer-: d
a) widthSpaceb) marginheight
c) heightSpaced) marginwidth

3. ___________________ are used to create imaginary sections of browser screen. Answer-: b
a) FormSpaceb) Frames
c) InputSpaced) Select

4. To play sound file infinite times _________________ value is used in loop attribute. Answer-: d
a) 10Spaceb) 0
c) 1Spaced) -1

5. _____________ tag are followed by the <FRAMESET> tag. Answer-: c
a) <body>Spaceb) <head>
c) <frame>Spaced) <html>

6. Free software is software ______________ Answer-: b
a) that can be copied with licenseSpaceb) that everyone is free to copy, redistribute and modify.
c) that can be modified with licenseSpaced) that is not copyrighted software

7. __________ refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and World Wide Web. Answer-: b
a) Cyber CrimeSpaceb) Cyber Law
c) IT ActSpaced) Code of Standard

8. IPSEC means ________________ Answer-: b
a) Internet Protocol Security PermissionSpaceb) IP Security Protocol
c) Internet Security PermissionSpaced) IP Security Permission

9. ___________ is a barrier between two networks. Answer-: a
a) FirewallSpaceb) Encryption
c) PasswordSpaced) Digital certificate

10. __________ is the emerging economy where producers, intermediaries and customers interact electronically. Answer-: d
a) E-CommerceSpaceb) Internet Commerce
c) EDISpaced) E-market

Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. To declare whole numbers, ________ data type is used. Answer-: d
a) charSpaceb) boolean
c) TRUESpaced) integers

2. Variable declared in JavaScript is with _________ keyword. Answer-: b
a) dimSpaceb) var
c) declareSpaced) let

3. When variable is declared within procedure is known as ___________ Answer-: a
a) local variableSpaceb) global variable
c) main variableSpaced) home variable

4. __________ object contains other object like document, form, etc. Answer-: a
a) windowSpaceb) document
c) textSpaced) hidden

5. The __________ control to run server code against the <input type=text> html element. Answer-: c
a) HtmlbuttonSpaceb) HtmlImage
c) HtmlInputTextSpaced) HtmlInputImage

6. The ________ control creates multiselection checkbox group. Answer-: b
a) CheckboxSpaceb) Checkboxlist
c) TextcontrolSpaced) Radio button

7. The __________ validator checks the user input upon a lower and upper level range of numbers or characters. Answer-: d
a) compareSpaceb) Response
c) RequestSpaced) Range

8. The _______ control uses SQL queries to perform data received. Answer-: a
a) Access Data SourceSpaceb) datarow
c) Data TableSpaced) Data column

9. Any collection of related information grouped together as a single item is a _________ Answer-: c
a) recordSpaceb) field
c) databaseSpaced) table

10. ___________ is the extension used to store database files in MS-Access. Answer-: a
a) .accdbSpaceb) .doc
c) .datSpaced) .ppt

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. The style properties are _______________ _______________ Answer-: b c
a) font-colorSpaceb) text-decoration
c) text-alignSpaced) line spacing
Spacee) color-range

2. Web applications use a combinations of ________ & _________ languages to develop the application. Answer-: a c
a) Server sideSpaceb) application side
c) Client sideSpaced) Computer side
Spacee) Client Server Side

3. EDI includes forms for __________ and ______________ Answer-: a c
a) invoiceSpaceb) stock
c) purchase orderSpaced) documents
Spacee) sales order

4. Following are the Events/Event Handlers of checkbox object. Answer-: b d
a) onError()Spaceb) onBlur()
c) onMove()Spaced) onFocus()
Spacee) onLoad()

5. Valid keyword in ORDERBY clause Answer-: b d
a) AscendSpaceb) ASC
c) DescendSpaced) Desc
Spacee) sort

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Built-in functions in JavaScript are _______ Answer-: a d e
a) paseInt()Spaced) parsefloat()
b) print()Spacee) cint()
c) msgbox()Spacef) now()

2. Following are the attributes of @Page directive. Answer-: a b d
a) BufferSpaced) src
b) ClassnameSpacee) language
c) runatSpacef) source

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. The sequence of events for creating a list element. Answer-: aigdfbech
a) <body>
b) </select>
c) </form>
d) <option value=val1>Pentium I </option>
e) <input type=submit value=submit>
f) <option value=val2> Pentium II </option>
g) <select name=browser>
h) </body>
i) <form>
Answer: _____________________________

2. Arrange the proper sequence of the following Answer-: ciaebdfhg
a) <script language=JavaScript>
b) for(i=10; j<=11; j++)
c) <html>
d) document.write(j + " ");
e) var j;
f) </script>
g) </html>
h) </body>
i) <body>
Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Define the term Cyber Law. Why the need of Cyber law arises? Or What is Cyber Law
2. Explain B2B and C2B
3. Define data and Database

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Write HTML code to create a drop down list of five cricket players names. It should allow multiple selection by the user. Buttons should be provided for clearing and submitting the form.
2. Write JavaScript code to calculate the average of three numbers.